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For Educators

Welcome Teachers and Librarians,

Having once been a teacher myself, I understand both how rewarding and exhausting your jobs can be. The pandemic has taken this to a whole different level. Teachers, you are heroes and you deserve all of the things. Including a break! This is one of the reasons I decided to record the school presentation I put together for my middle grade series THE WORLD BETWEEN BLINKS—and to distribute it for free. Schools’ resources are stretched thin and physical travel is often impossible, but I still want you and your kids to have access to an author “visit.” And a hidden-history lesson.


The 18-minute video below has been made available to any and all classrooms at no cost. If you want to give your students a more personal, immersive experience, I'm offering an additional 30-minute Q&A session for a small honorarium—open to as many students in your school as you’d like. Simply contact me at to schedule a Zoom meeting. If you'd like to set up a visit for WOLF BY WOLF or any of my other YA books, please do the same.


Regardless, I hope this video inspires your students to explore more history and gives you a little bit of room to breathe in your busy work day.


Want to Learn More?

The World Between Blinks is a vast, vast place. History is even vaster! If you'd like to find out more about the subjects I mentioned in the presentation, I've included some links to get you started:

Explore Even Further...

THE WORLD BETWEEN BLINKS and its sequel are available at a bookstore near you!

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